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Papa C Pies

Wedding Pies - 6" Mini Slice Dessert Bar

*Appetizer trays & pre-slicing, included with price of pie!

Our 6" Deep Dish Pies are cut into 8 slices to yield mini slices / heavy hors d'oeuvres style. These slices are placed on 2" x 2" Eco friendly appetizer trays for display. Utensils are not needed for these treats. This option works great for those wanting to have multiple varieties or those that want to combine multiple desserts together.

Figure approximately 2.25 mini slices per person (A guest may just nibble on one slice and there is usually one guest that likes to grab 3 or 4. The 2.25 average generally works out well.).  Each of our 6" Pies yield 8 mini slices. So for 100 guests, you would need 225 mini slices which would require 28 pies. Sounds like a lot, but once you start dividing that up into 3 or 4 varieties of pie, it goes pretty fast! 

Papa C Pies makes the pies and they will already be sliced and plated on the trays in disposable sheet trays. They trays make it easy if Picking up (No Charge) and are also used if delivered to your reception (Delivery is an additional cost).

All other aspects is up to the Coordinator/Bride. Aspects such as: Placing mini-slices on tables, tiers, pedestals, stands for display; Signage for the varieties of pies, and napkins, plates, utensils are typically provided by your food caterer or venue. 

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