About Us

Our beginnings:
My Grandmother (Elsie) always made the most delicious apple pies, and one year during the holiday season we asked her to write down her recipes.  She couldn’t do it!  She said she didn’t learn from a recipe – her mother (my great-grandmother) taught her by making the pies with her.  She said “you need to see and feel the ingredients come together”. My dad learned from his mom and that was the way I learned to make apple pies.  When you make something often enough and you love to make it, you don’t need a piece of paper to tell you how.
My dad is Papa C (what his grand kids call him; our last name is Collier) and he made pies for many years before teaching me (Chad). Thru 3  generations we have followed in Elsie Mae's 
 footsteps and making pies in the same tradition.  
When my daughter or son is old enough, I’ll pass down to the 4th generation the joy of making apple pies the old-fashioned way.  Our recipes will always be a secret (unless someone talks!).
We hope our pies will take you back to your own childhood memories.
So, from our family to yours, we hope you enjoy our products. 
We are sure you will find a “Delight in Every Bite”!       

We have a variety of items at the kitchen, but with so many varieties and sizes it is impossible to have all items fresh on hand at any given time. To get the freshest pie you desire, place your order through the website and you can pick it up at our storefront / kitchen.

  • Storefront Hours: 
  • Monday - Friday 10am to 6:30pm
  • Saturday: 10am to 5pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Address: 99 Seaboard Ln #100 Brentwood, TN 37027 USA
  • We are located behind Costco & next to Maniacs (chicken tenders) in Cool Springs at the corner of Bakers Bridge & Seaboard Ln