Wedding Pies

Pie at a wedding? You better believe it! 
While there is no argument about how beautiful a wedding cake can be, there is also no argument in how much they cost; Upwards of $6 per person. The last thing you want after your reception is over is to see left over cake or worse to hear that not everyone had a slice because it was not their favorite flavor or because they overheard that it wasn't rich enough or moist enough, etc... We have served up to 7 different varieties at a single wedding and everyone who came to the table walked away with a slice of pie that they wanted and loved! 
Pies can be displayed at one table or you can have a different variety at each table forcing guests to mingle as they search for their favorite pie! Some brides like our mini Hors d'oeuvres slices to create a dessert bar with over 10 varieties of pie or combined with other types of desserts. Tarts! Either as a single serving or as a parting gift for your guests. Add a cute label on the top and you've got a personalized pie! 
We do not charge extra for wedding pies. The prices are the same as if you ordered online or came to our store! Also, on your 1st anniversary, you will receive 1 free pie of your choosing to enjoy on your special day!
Papa C Pies would love to work with you to help make your special day amazing and one to be remembered! Select your pies below or if you would like to schedule a tasting of pies, please contact us below!
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If you know what you want, place your order below. We accept orders up to 1 year in advance. Your order is fully refundable to within 14 days of your event. 

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