Shipped Pies

NOTE: Some seasonal varieties will be unavailable this holiday season.

We can send the following for one shipping price:

Up to 8 of our 6" pies in one box.  OR   Up to 2 of our 9" pies in one box. 

Mix & Match - You can send a 9"and up to 4 varieties (or less) of our 6" pies in one box.

If you need more pie than what is listed above, then we'll just make a second shipment. 

Pies are shipped via UPS & FedEx. We will use whichever service that will get your pies to your door the fastest! For instance, FedEx delivers 1 day faster to MST, PST & New England. 

NOTE!!!!!!! Some people have had trouble checking out and are seeing this message: 
Your cart has been modified and the shipping rate you previously selected no longer applies. Please select a new rate.
This error shows up when the checkout process has been started, but then the customer goes back to add or change pies in the shopping cart. The system shows this error because of inventory tracking. In order to check out, you will need to clear your browsing history and start over. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.