Pies shipped to our military! APO - Army Post Office > FPO - Fleet Post Office > DPO - Diplomatic Post Office

Yes indeed! While the military never guarantees when delivery will be made, almost all the packages we have sent thus far have arrived within 10 days and we ship our pies very securely so that they arrive intact! 

How is that even possible?
Well its because in all the pies we can send (Chess, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Pecan, Derby); there is nothing that will spoil unlike with cream based pies. Did you ever notice your mom or grandmother would sometimes leave a pie sitting out at room temperature for days? Same thing here. Not only that, but we also have natural preservatives like citric acid and cinnamon in our pies. There are no dairy or cream in any of the pies listed above. We use eggs that have been pasteurized at 120 degrees and after spending 40 min in our ovens at 375 to 425 degrees, these pies are good to go for the 8-10 day journey to your loved ones arms.
I would not recommend sending a pie to:
Anyone beyond a main base. Any forward deployed bases or people directly involved on the front line for obvious reasons as there is no telling when the pie could be delivered. The Ghirardelli Chocolate Pie is our most durable pie with the longest shelf life. If you wish to to give it a try, this is the best pie to send.
My son or daughter serves in the Navy - can we send them a pie?
YES! We have sent a number of pies to those serving on Aircraft Carriers, Frigates, and Destroyers without any issues (excluding submarine service; we haven't figured out how to waterproof our packaging yet. Stay tuned.....  ;)